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   In a rather "meta" twist, I am now getting spammed by so-called recruiters who want me to be... a recruiter.  Maybe I'll go do that and have a successful career spamming more high-tech consultants to lure them into becoming spammy recruiters, and they'll spam two friends, and they'll spam two friends, and so on, and so on, until the entire world is spammy recruiters!  Sure, I'll hop right on that, soon as I retire from selling cars.
From: Drew Mahoney via Monster <letters@route.monster.com>
Reply-to: Drew@outsource.net
To: [me]
Date: Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 12:56 PM
Subject: Recruiting & Sales Opportunity MRID#5tevqtk3us2c3azb

I noticed your resume on Monster.com and have a great Recruiting and Sales opportunity in our Virginia office. Outsource is on the hunt for college educated, energetic leaders who are self-motivated and looking for a long term career in sales or recruitment.

Outsource is one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the country. We place engineers, project managers, and technicians across the nation from our sixteen locations.

In your career at Outsource, you start by sourcing and recruiting candidates for our clients to gain a fundamental understanding of our business and what we do. From there, you will have the opportunity to move into senior recruiting, account management, inside or outside sales, regional sales, regional recruitment management and eventually into regional management or operations management.

Shortly after your hire date, you will be flown out to our Los Angeles Headquarters for a week and a half of training.

Compensation and Benefits:
  • Competitive base salary plus commission (you can more than double your base with commission)
  • Year-end possible bonus including an all-expenses-paid reward trip. The last two trips have been hosted in Cancun.
  • Medical/dental/vision benefits
  • Matching 401k plan
  • Seven paid holidays
  • Vacation/Sick time

If you are a hard worker, play well with others, are passionate about advancing your career and are fun, we want to meet you!

With that said, a career at Outsource is not for everyone. Our most successful team members are able to creatively problem solve, have strong management and leadership skills and are sincerely passionate about personal and professional growth. Why shouldn't you make money AND love doing it?

Please check out our website at www.outsource.net.

If you are interested, please email me a copy of your most recent resume to drew@outsource.net and give me a call at 303-800-8527.

Thank you,
Drew Mahoney
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Letter Value: 9183A9-1D51E
   Thank you ever so much, Drew Mahoney <drew@outsource.net>, for helping narrow down my choice of what headhunters to listen to when they tout a position, or maybe to hire when I need to farm out some work or possibly even bring some employees on board.  It certainly will not be Outsource.  Given their recruiting tactics, I can only imagine what quality of recruiter I'd be dealing with... since they may have gotten there by being stupid enough to fall for spam.

   And OBTW, Drew... I already "make money AND love doing it"!  Almost as much as I love exposing vegetables posing as recruiters, for what they really are.

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