One of the recruiters who spammed me earlier, Bhavana Gour of eTouch Systems, pushed my buttons again recently, though indirectly.  She didn't do anything all that unusual.  Unfortunately, that doesn't mean it was good, it just means that a lot of her colleagues commit the same offense.  She posted several job ads in the Discussions tab, rather than the Jobs tab, of a group on LinkedIn.  Being sick and tired of this nonsense, I explained that fact with this analogy, which I would now like to share with you:

   Suppose you are in a corner of a breakout room at a recruiting conference.  Out in the hallway is a clearly marked corkboard where recruiting jobs are supposed to be posted -- there's a big banner over it, only a blind person or total obliviot could possibly miss it.  You're in a breakout session, discussing advanced recruiting techniques and resources with a bunch of your colleagues, mostly happily employed.  Some jerk barges into your discussion and starts talking about the recruiting openings he's got.  You wouldn't like that, would you?  You'd probably tell him to shut up, go away, and just post his notices on the corkboard.  Right?

   Now you might have some small inkling how many of us feel about pushy arrogant clueless recruiters crapping all over the Discussion tabs on LinkedIn groups, and other such forums.  If I were in such a situation, and unemployed, I'd be sure to get that jerk's name... so I'd know *never* to do business with him, from *either* side of the table.