Beep Beep, Beep Beep, NO!

   Insurance companies aren't the only industry with recruiters spamming me a lot over the years.  Even aside from my actual industry, I occasionally get come-ons from car dealerships.  Of course I'd just love to give up my six-figure income doing work I enjoy, from home, to be a car salesman (right after I'm done with my other careers selling insurance, taking tickets on trains, etc.).

   At least, that's what today's special spotlight subject seems to think.  So, in true spammer style, she throws her crap against any handy wall to see if it will stick:
From: Jessica Collins via Monster <letters@route.monster.com>
Reply-to: Jessicacollins@themanusgroup.com
To: [me]
Date: Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 2:17 PM
Subject: Job Opportunity at Koons Tyson Toyota Scion MRID#5tevqtk3us2c3azb

I saw your resume on Monster.com and would like for you to consider a sales position with Koons Tyson Toyota Scion as a career option. You may not be aware, but people with various backgrounds and career experiences can adapt their skill sets to enjoy a successful career in Automotive Sales.

Our philosophy is to train, coach, mentor and support each person to maximize their potential and skills. Winning teams don't just happen, they are created by skilled leaders who know how to motivate, inspire and guide others to phenomenal success. As a result, our employees are the largest part of our success.

We are looking for individuals with various skill sets that are willing to make a career change and would consider this opportunity. Don’t worry if you do not have Automotive Sales experience, because we will train you! The Manus Group, a professional recruiting and sales training firm, will be assisting our dealership with selecting the right candidates and providing the fundamental training necessary to begin a new career with a solid and confident foundation. Fundamental Sales Training and all materials are provided to you free of charge. To learn more about The Manus Group, your trainer and the success of previous graduates of The Manus Group, please visit The Manus Group Automotive Training and FAQ.

Interviews will be held on Monday, June 23rd but no later than Tuesday, June 24th between the times of 10:00am and 6:00pm. During the interview, additional information will be provided including details on the $7,500 salary while training. Please respond to this email if you would like to attend.

Thank you for your time,

Jessica Collins
The Manus Group
National Recruiter

ALL interviews will be held at: (for directions go to mapquest.com)

Koons Tyson Toyota Scion

8610 Leesburg Pike
Vienna VA 22182

The Manus Group has been retained as a consultant to and a provider of services for Koons Tyson Toyota Scion. Content of this letter and fulfillment of any offers of employment are the sole responsibility of Koons Tyson Toyota Scion.

Letter Value: 90FCAB-65239
   Too bad I'm too honest to sell used, er excuse me I mean "pre-owned", cars.  If I could stoop that low, then maybe I could also stoop even lower, and spam.

   Thank you ever so much, Jessica Collins, for helping narrow down my choice of where to buy my next car.  It certainly will not be from Koons Tyson Toyota Scion, at least if they're still using the services of spammers such as yourself.

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