It's not just Americans....

   I recently found a new web comic (well, new to me anyway), made I know not where but apparently they speak French, and began catching up on the archives.  The episode at http://www.commitstrip.com/en/2012/12/10/le-mouton-a-cinq-pattes/ is particularly relevant to this blog.  Go check it out.  It's mainly for geeks, but non-geeks will understand what's going on, and why it's relevant -- and then the geeks can subscribe to it.  :-)  Enjoy!


  1. I was never helped to get a job by any recruiters. At first, being new in this industry, I thought it was just me that was getting a raw deal (being an older lady who got into this career rather later than everybody else). But after several senior devs told me their nightmare stories with recruiters, I now believe that recruiters really don't care about helping junior level devs with getting jobs.

  2. It's basically the same economics as spam. There's no penalty for doing it the lazy way that annoys the receiver, it's a lot easier, and one hit can pay for millions of misses and leave a healthy profit. So, just like most emailers aren't spammers but the vast majority of all email sent is spam, most recruiters are OK but the vast majority of all *contacts from recruiters* are spam. All the more so for those of us who have been at this a while, have well-filled-out LinkedIn profiles, etc. The only logical solution I've ever heard for spam is that it will dry up when nobody ever does business with them... but with recruiting, it's hard to tell whether that perfect-fit opportunity a recruiter sends you was the result of careful research and narrowing their list to good-fit candidates, or you just happened to be one of millions they spammed with the same opportunity.

  3. Oh, and as for their usefulness, back when I was doing "permanent" jobs, I had a grand total of *one* from a recruiter, out of about a dozen. However, they get me about a third of my freelance work. I'd have to dig into my files, though, to figure out how many were from them contacting me, vs. them putting out an ad and me contacting them.


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