The title of this post may look like garbage to you.  But the truly geeky will notice the equals sign at the end, and realize "hey, this might be base64-encoded!"  And so it is.  In plaintext, it says "Say WHAT?!" -- but I have been saving that title for another post, on recruiter emails that aren't quite so illegible, and recruiter phone messages (and even conversations) that are almost as indecipherable.

   The specific email that triggered this post is as follows:
from:     Monster 
to:       [me]
date:     Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 2:28 AM
subject:  Your Resume - We'd like to schedule a meeting

[about 184 lines of such garbage snipped]
   The lines being all the same length except for the last, and it ending in an equals sign, was a sign to me.  So I decoded it.  Long story short, exactly as I suspected, it was a spammy recruiter with an utterly unsuitable "opportunity".    To quote from it after stripping out all the HTML and CSS junk, including the approximately 1/3 of it that was commented out:

After reviewing your resume on Monster, we'd like
to invite you to apply for our sales management
training program at Bankers Life and Casualty

We're recruiting both entry-level and experienced
sales professionals with:
- Proven leadership capabilities
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills
- Interest in joining the fast-growing baby
  boomer/senior insurance market
- Drive for rapid advancement into an insurance
  sales management position
- Desire to earn a six-figure salary with the
  freedom of an entrepreneurial lifestyle
- Ambition, competitive mind-set and strong work
- Commitment to making a difference in people's
  lives everyday

Established in 1879, Bankers is one of the only
companies in the country devoted exclusively to
the financial security needs of seniors. We offer
a broad portfolio of health and life insurance and
retirement savings products through our nationwide
network of more than 160 branch offices. And with
the Baby Boom generation approaching retirement,
both our company and our industry are experiencing
dramatic growth.

If selected, you'll receive:
- Unlimited income potential (associate managers
  earn $60K to $100K; top managers earn upwards of
- Competitive commissions and compensation package
- Opportunity to earn quarterly bonuses and
  exciting sales incentive trips
- Formal training in our nationally-recognized
  Bankers Learning Network program
- Access to Bankers' lead generation and sales
  technology programs
- Freedom to be your own boss, but with the
  support of large corporation

To learn more or schedule an appointment with a
recruiter, please reply to this email or click the
self-register link below:


We look forward to meeting you!

Field Recruiting
Bankers Life and Casualty

Click here to learn more about an exciting career
with Bankers!
   So... that's one more company never to do business with.  Remember, folks, Give a damn -- DON'T SPAM! And if you must spam, at least don't screw it up and look like an idiot as well.

   Too bad Banker's Life didn't include an 800 number or an email address for us to give them this sage advice.


  1. Hi Greg! Sorry to be so late responding to this, but I've been off on vacation. Anyway:

    Re the heavy lifting, you're welcome. This is a nice little "release" for that frustration we all feel with those idiots (as one reader calls them, "vegetables that walk like men") pretending to be recruiters.

    As for the sender of the spam you got: if the base64-encoded version ends with the exact same stuff, that means that the plaintext does too -- it's just encoding, not encryption. Since the last sentence says who sent it, especially at the end, it's clearly also Bankers.

    Keep up the fight, and don't forget to take an occasional break from ridiculing the idiots to THANK the GOOD recruiters!

  2. Hey thanks Dave Aronson for the good recruiter shoutout.

    I don't know if I came across this blog too late but I decided to take a turn and see how candidates are approached by other firms. I made a fake resume and sat back to an inbox full each morning with jobs that don't fit my (made up person's) skill set and names that were copied and pasted from other resumes. Lazy and sloppy. If you're curious, I'd love to swap some stories with you and get some insight from your experience.

    A mini recruiter

  3. Hi Molly! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but Blogger has apparently not been notifying me of comments for a couple years now. ARGH!

    Anyway, yes, I would love to swap stories. If you'd like to contribute any, that would be wonderful, and I can anonymize them if you like. In particular, if you have any "crazy candidate" stories, that could help lend this site some balance.



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