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   If the spammy recruiters don't send me things that are totally inappropriate by dint of location, permanence, skillset, or pay-rate, not to worry, there are many other idiocies in their bags of tricks.  Another common one to fall back on is the very closely related concept of level:
From:     Monster
To:          me
Date:      Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 5:24 PM
Subject: RCI-ENC-598-1 SOFTWARE DEVELOPER - Junior

=0D=0A Hi
=0D=0A We are currently sourcing for a p= osition with our Direct Client and would like to discuss this opp= ortunity with you.
=0D=0A Established in 1995, Rangam= Consultants is a multiple service provider in the Information Te= chnology, Scientific, Engineering and administrative fields. We h= ave a proven track record for successfully delivering mission cri= tical consulting, support and recruiting services to various gove= rnment and Fortune 500 clients.
=0D=0A The details fo= r this position are as follows:
=0D=0A Job Ti= tle: SOFTWARE DEVELOPER - Junior
=0D=0A Job Code: RCI-ENC-59= 8-1
=0D=0A Job location: Baltimore, MD 21202
=0D=0A Dur= ation: 12 Months

=0D=0A Designs, develops, and implement= s software packages. Troubleshoots, debugs and implements softwar= e code. May require a bachelor’s degree in a related area a= nd at least 3-5 years of experience in the field or in a related = area. Has knowledge of standard concepts, practices, and procedur= es within a particular field (i.e., SQL, C++, HTML, CGI and JavaS= cript). Relies on limited experience and judgment to plan and acc= omplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. Works under general s= upervision; typically reports to a project leader or manager. A c= ertain degree of creativity and latitude required.
=0D=0A= Technical Skills:
  • =0D=0A 3+ years of experience with one or more of ASP/C/C++/C#/Java
  • =0D=0A Knowledge of unit testin= g and related frameworks
  • =0D=0A
  • =0D=0A Strong understanding wit= h scripting, Design, Coding, Configuration and installati= on.
  • =0D=0A
  • =0D=0A Nice to have : Perl, Ruby Pyt= hon
  • =0D=0A
  • =0D=0A Familiar with SDLC concepts</= span>
  • =0D=0A
  • =0D=0A Experience with SQL strongly pref= erred
  • =0D=0A
  • =0D=0A Expertise in design patterns=
  • =0D=0A
  • =0D=0A Installation & Configuration experience
  • = =0D=0A
  • =0D=0A Familiar with WinForms and WPF along with WCF commun= ication
  • =0D=0A=0D=0A
    =0D=0A Requir= ements:
    • =0D=0A BS= /MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or closely related= field
    • =0D=0A
    • =0D=0A Strong p= roblem solving skills
    • =0D=0A
    • =0D=0A Excellent communications skills (wr= itten and verbal)
    • =0D=0A
    • =0D=0A Willingness to learn new technologies<= /span>
    • =0D=0A
    • =0D=0A Experience working individually without close supervision a= nd in small project groups
    • =0D=0A
    = =0D=0A If interested:
    =0D=0A Please provide us the following information:=
    =0D=0A 1) Hourly rate on W2 or expected salary _____= ____
    =0D=0A 2) Resume in Word format __________
    =0D=0A = 3) Contact information, where we can reach you _________
    =0D=0A= 4) Three professional references with their Name, Company Name, = Title and email id ________
    =0D=0A 5) Your Status (Citi= zen/EAD/Green Card)______
    =0D=0A I= look forward to hearing from you.
    =0D=0A Best regard= s,
    =0D=0A Namy Bhatt
    =0D=0A Rangam Consultants I= nc.
    =0D=0A Somerset NJ 08873
    =0D=0A Direct No:- 908 704= 8843 Ext - 207
    =0D=0A Fax: 908 253 6550
    =0D=0A Email: = Staffing@rangam.com
    =0D=0A Alt e-mail id: rangamconsultantsinc@gmail.com
    =0D=0A www.rangam.COM
    =0D=0A Message Id : 2288266
    =0D=0A<= img src=3D'http://www.hrteamplus.com/Openmailcount.aspx?id=3D2288= 266&Emailto=3DQAAAR722VQIS62YGDMU6PQ6OEOZH5SN235LZNJVFPZYDH7IZAJD= ABJWL@users.monster.com' alt=3D'-' height=3D'1' width=3D'1' />
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    (Yes, all the horribly broken HTML, resulting from the horribly broken text, were in the original.  This one commits another major sin I am intending to cover eventually, illegibility.)

       Yup, 28 years of experience sure qualifies me as a "SOFTWARE DEVELOPER - Junior".  After all, it takes a good century or two to become a "SOFTWARE DEVELOPER - Senior", right?  Oh, wait.  No, it doesn't.  In fact, it seems like a mere year or two is all that most companies ask when recruiting a Super-Duper Senior Development Rock-Ninja.  But that is a rant for another day . . . .


    1. This is the part that I have a question about:

      "= img src=3D'http://www.hrteamplus.com/Openmailcount.aspx?"

      I got one of these today, and I'm curious what the "openmailcount.aspx" part does. It looks like it goes to a website, for hrteamplus, and then does something.

      Is there a way to tell what this is, or is it a matter of going to the site and looking at the code?

      1. Sorry for the delay; Blogger isn't notifying me of comments these days. :-<

        Anyway, I would be reluctant to actually go visit any URL contained in spam, be it recruitment or other, because of malware, trackers, etc. This particular one most likely does what it says on the tin, er, in the name: counts the times the email has been opened, by the various victims, er, recipients. It might do additional things like report additional metrics, like your IP address, OS, browser, and anything else it can find out. Innocent uses of that info would include such things as weeding out duplicates. However, it can be used for more nefarious purposes such as correlate with specific recipients to see who's stupid enough to open it so as to send them further spam. (It's one of the reasons I normally read email with images *turned off* so that these beacons won't "phone home" like that.)


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