Mutual of Omaha's Spam Kingdom

   Recently, I mentioned companies spamming me about "opportunities" to become an insurance salesman, train conductor, or many other positions utterly unrelated to my current career or otherwise expressed desires.  The below message came so quickly after posting that, that I'm taking it as a sign, that I should start posting them.  So now, the first of many examples caught in the wild, comes from the sponsors of the old TV show Wild Kingdom:
From:    Monster <anonredir route.monster.com>
To:      [me]
Date:    Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 9:52 PM
Subject: Employee Benefits Sales Representative

I saw your resume online, and thought you might be
interested in a career opportunity with our firm. Mutual
of Omaha is looking for a qualified professional, who
wants to pursue a career in Employee Benefits sales. As
an Employee Benefits Sales Agent, you will have the
ability to offer Basic Group Life and AD&D, Group
Short-Term Disability, Voluntary Short-Term Disability,
Voluntary Term Life and AD&D, Group Long-Term
Disability, Voluntary Long-Term Disability, Group
Long-term Care, Voluntary Long-term Care, Worksite
Critical Illness, Group Dental, Group Major Medical, and
Group 401(k) plans.

You will also have access to individual products with
Mutual of Omaha, as well as numerous additional carriers
for various life, health, property & casualty, major
medical, disability, dental, accident, long-term care,
annuities, and investment products.

In 2012, we had another tremendous year in the company's
101-year history. Our regional agency was also one of
the top agencies in the country again. You owe it to
yourself, to look at our company and find out what we
are doing that has created our success.

Please give us a call at 800-827-5916 to discuss the
opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information, visit:


Blake Moore
Training Recruiting Specialist
Office: 800-827-5916 ext. 225

If you would like to opt out of receiving emails about
this position in the future click here.
   Oh, look, they give me a link to opt out.  Isn't that nice.  Kinda like if I were to start punching you in the face, assuring you that I'll stop if you ask me to.  More interesting though is the 800 number.  I think I'll give him a call to share a piece of my mind.  You might want to tell him what you think of this kind of tactic too.

   Note that lonely little comma all by itself up at the top of the body.  No, that wasn't a transcription typo, I copy-pasted the whole thing.  It's as if they maybe meant to put some kind of salutation up there, like "Hello, Dave"... or more likely, "Dear Actively".  Ya think?

   They're looking for a "qualified professional".  Gee, how qualified do you think they need to be?  I'm guessing that candidates need to pass such stringent requirements as having breath, a pulse, and an IQ above freezing... in Celsius.

   So, does this entice me to even consider sacrificing my long and successful IT career to become an Employee Benefits Sales Agent?  Nope.  It entices me never to do any business with Mutual of Omaha, and particularly the Don Lilly Agency, especially if Blake Moore is still there.  Maybe Don will get a clue and fire his little spammer....

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