Welcome to Recruiting Rants!

   Welcome to Recruiting Rants!  This blog will be about the crazy and/or frustrating things we've seen in the recruiting process... from (as the subtitle says) both sides of the table.  That means candidates dealing with interviewers, recruiters, other HR people, vice-versa, and the whole process.

   Since I am not a recruiter, nor indeed are most of my acquaintances, my repertoire of "crazy candidate" stories is rather limited, so I'd especially like for recruiters to chime in... but the rest of you, feel free.

   I'd like to keep it PG-rated, despite the "ranty" nature I expect most posts will have, and the strong frustrations both sides often feel about the antics of the other.  The names should be changed to protect... well... everybody.  Your name may be withheld on request, or if you don't mind being known, I'll gladly include a link to your web site.

   And now... let us begin!

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